Northern Cape Schools Close Again Due To Covid-19 Infections

School Pupils in Northern Cape

The Department of Education in the Northern Cape has announced that it will be closing down schools in the province following a sharp increase in cases of Covid-19 infection.




The Northern Cape Department of Education has recorded an increase in COVID-19 infections in schools for a fourth consecutive week. As a result, 11 schools were closed in the province and 9 were scheduled to reopen on Monday the 7th of June.

Northern Cape Department of Education spokesperson, Geoffrey Van Der Merwe went on to say that the situation in the province is not that good, despite efforts to bring it under control:

For the month of May, for the fourth consecutive week an increase in Covid-19 infections. Just last week we recorded 348 infections. What of course of great concern to us is the number of learners that have tested positive.

Last week saw 276 learners tested positive in total for the month of May with 911 positive cases of which just over 400 are still active cases, so of course which van der Merwe says, "is of great concern to us and its disrupting schools".

Just during the month, the Department closed and reopened 98 schools in the province with two schools in the Namaqua District remaining closed.

Speaking on the effect of the closures and reopenings on learners, Van Merwe also pointed out that it largely depends on the extent of the infections in the schools in question. 

It all depends on the situation at the specific schools. Remember we have a close relationship with the Department of Health and they guide us on what we should do. Some schools close for a period of ten days, other schools close for disinfection. It all depends on the infections in schools.

During the month of May, the department had released a statement in which it announced that it would be closing down 49 schools for disinfection, most of which were reopened on the 24th of May.  


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