North West University Opens South Africa's 11th Medical School

North West University Opens South Africa's 11th Medical School

North West University is on it's way to open the 11th medical school in South Africa and the first in the North West. The university aims to proved more doctors in the country and more importantly in the rural areas. 


North West University (NWU) is on the verge of opening its first medical school in the province.

NWU is only months away from establishing South Africa's 11th medical school, that will soon be available to the students in the rural areas of the North West.

They have been working on this project for four years now, and are ready for the go ahead from the various departments to open the new medical school.

There has been concern around the amount of students attending the school not being enough but, Professor Dan Kgwadi, Vice Chancellor of NWU, says

We are in a rural part of the country and we should attract a lot of students from the rural side of the area.

The University aims to address the issue of the lack of doctors in South Africa, and more importantly in the rural areas. 

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that the amount of doctors in South Africa is too low and opening another medical school can improve on our need for doctors and better health care.

Prof. Kgwadi says they are just waiting to share the go ahead from the Department of Health and the Department of Higher Education to open the school, extremely excited and ready for the new journey to begin.

When asked about the finances needed, Prof. Kgwadi says, that health is more important that being concerned about the money involved. 

NWU has proved that they have the science background needed to open and successfully manage a medical school, proving the education needed to establish successful doctors for the country of South Africa.

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