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North West School Has Seen Class Disruptions For Weeks


A high school in the North West has seen classes being disrupted for weeks after students saw fault with how the school's management handled Covid-19 cases at the school. With Covid-19, delays and disruptions were naturally there and now as classes resume, having any other delays could be detrimental to learners' education.


Tensions have been running high at Marikana High School in Rustenberg, North West as students continue to disrupt classes. This has been happening for weeks and has eve gotten to the point of where police has had to be called.

Learners and parents are divided over the running of affairs at the school. SABC reported, "Some of the learners then boycotted lessons, in solidarity with their classmates".

Four learners were allegedly suspended after a court order was taken out against them due to them questioning management at the High School about Covid-19 related cases at the school.

A learner at the school has said, "The principal must go because he's not taking us seriously. We had Covid-19 cases at the school and we were not informed." Another learner said, "We have Covid-19 cases in our school and the school next door but we are not told".

Parents are showing concern about their children who are attending the school and have said that they need the government needs to intervene. A number of meetings between the parents and the school saw no results and changes being made.

A parent said, "Nurses were disrupted by this Covid-19 issue now this disruptions are compounding the situation. Let Government come down and help us" while another says, "We want our children to learn and attend school. Let government remove this principal."

Parents are worried because classes are now disrupted and the blame is being shifted to the principal as learners are not happy with how she has dealt with the situation. They are now threatening to do something regrettable.

The Education Department blames former members of the School Governing Body (SGB) for instigating learners and has said the situation started when these members were not happy about their newly appointed principal towards the end of 2019.

This lead to the Department disbanding the SGB at the school. Later, the action from learners taking over and disrupting classes began.

The Department says, "We continue to engage with them until there was an interdict that was issued against those who were leading these disruptions".

Government has urged learners to return to school as the continued disruption of classes could lead to action being taken against them. 




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