No 2nd Semester Registrations For UNISA SLPs

UNISA announced that there will be no second semester 2021 registration for UNISA Short Learning Programmes. Keep reading to find out what falls under SLPs.


Unisa's Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) focuses on providing courses that meet a specific learning need identified by individuals, organisations and society. 

SLPs are available at centres located within the different academic departments of colleges. Each programme explains what the programme entails and lists the contact details for enquiries. 

The following SLPs are offered at Unisa:

  • Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law (76228)
  • Short Course for Planning and Conducting Assessment of Learning Outcomes (71005)
  • Short Course in Barista Skills (76901)
  • Short Course in Basic Business Finance (71307)
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Zulu (72761)
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Venda (7277X)
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Xhosa (72788)
  • Short Course in Basic Financial Life Skills (7182X)
  • Short Course in Braille Literacy for Teachers and Practitioners (76950)
  • Short Course in Business Psychology and Human Behaviour (70475)
  • Short Course in Common Wealth Youth Entrepreneurial Education (77009)
  • Short Course in Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (72036)
  • Short Course in Customer Relationship Marketing (71633)
  • Short Course in Customer Service Management (71641)
  • Short Course in Disaster Management (Contact) (76171)
  • Short Course in Employee Wellness (71579)
  • Short Course in English for Speechwriting (76908)
  • Short Course in Entering Youth Ministry (76910)
  • Short Course in Enterpreting the Gospel of Mark in Context (76909)
  • Short Course in Integrating Information Communication and Technology in teaching and Learning (76936)
  • Short Course in Managing Health and Nutrition in Adverse Conditions (72540)
  • Short Course in Mentoring, Guidance and Support of Teachers and Trainers (71013)
  • Short Course in Moderation of assessments (76951)
  • Short Course in Multigrade Teaching Methodologies and Assessment in Schools (76816)
  • Short Course in Norms and Standards in Early Childhood Education (76949)
  • Short Course in Organisational Development: Appreciative Inquiry Approach (72362)
  • Short Course in Pension Funds Law (72729)
  • Short Course in Public Relations (71897)
  • Short Course in Refresher Training for Explosives Workers (76831)
  • Short Course in SMME Management (72087)
  • Short Course in School History Enrichment (76597)
  • Short Course in Sport Management (72168)
  • Short Course in Student Support And Academic (76933)
  • Short Course in Supporting ICT assistants in managing ICT equipment in schools (77020)
  • Short Course in Teaching Accounting in Further Education and Training (FET) Phase (77027)
  • Short Course in Teaching Biodiversity: Life Sciences Grades 10-12 (76952)
  • Short Course in Teaching Methodologies in Education (76981)
  • Short Course in The Support of Children at Risk (76977)
  • Short Course in Writing a Business Plan (7179X)
  • Short Course in Youth Advocacy and Participation (77008)
  • Short Course in Youth Leadership Development in Schools (77014)
  • Short Course in the Design of Integrated Assessment for Learning Programmes (71021)
  • Short Course in the Introduction to Agribusiness Management (72621)
  • Short Course in the Introduction to Creative Writing (72052)
  • Short Course in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (01724)

Click here to find out more about each course.

Unfortunately, there was only one registration period in 2021 for short learning programmes.

You may direct enquiries to

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