NMU Students Protest Over NSFAS Allowances

Nelson Mandela University students protest over unfulfilled promises and the SRC demands that classes get suspended until all their demands are met and all students are able to participate.


Students of the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) take the streets to protest over book allowances, living allowances and much more.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is meant to provide student with allowances, such as book allowance and living allowance to assist students with their university and living needs, but the students of NMU are yet to receive anything. 

NMU students have been struggling to pay for textbooks, all while not having enough money to feed themselves.

Because of the laptops they are receiving, students have been getting less money for book allowance, making it difficult for them to get the learning materials they need to succeed.

SRC member of NMU says he feels that the department has failed them. 

Those who are black and those of the working class in particular, we feel that we are being failed by the Department of Higher Education, that we are being failed by our government... we feel that they do not prioritize higher education.

He believes that the budget cuts experienced by the Department of Education and NSFAS are further proof that education is not being prioritized by the government.

Some returning students who are studying Radiology and Agriculture have also not received any funding from NSFAS.

Students are the ones demanding the protests and not the SRC, saying the are starving and need their allowances

The aim of the protest is for classes to be suspended for students who are unable to participate and until their demands are met they will keep students from attending classes and the doors will remain blocked 


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