Newly-Elected UCT SRC Shares Progress In Loadshedding And Study Space Concerns


The newly-elected UCT Student Representative Council (SRC) have already begun taking action, having issued an official statement of complaint against inadequate provisions for students against load shedding and the lack of study spaces during exams on the 9th of November. In a statement issued on the 12th of November, they shared developments surrounding these concerns.


After only a short-time in office, the UCT SRC have already hit their first positive achievement as the newly-elected council.

Following a number of complaints regarding the lack of consideration for students as they complete their exams, the council released another statement on the 12th of November, sharing that progress has been made with regard to their complaints.

The first complaint was in relation to Load Shedding, with its return inducing students to inactivity for hours at a time whilst they attempt to both study for, and complete their exams.

They made a request that all students receive data in order to enable them to complete their tasks in the event of load shedding. As per their statement, this demand has been agreed upon and data has already begun being issued to students.

Secondly, they complained of a lack of study spaces for students. They have since shared in their recent statement that after undertaking "an occupation of all computer labs and study spaces since Tuesday", the 9th of October, UCT has extended lab hours to 23:00 in the evening, from what was previously 17:00 in the afternoon. 

Finally, they share that they have made a request for students to be able to have a 48-hour concession to submit tasks for as long as load shedding remains. They await movement with regards to that request. 

Find the entire statement below:





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