New Coding & Robotics School Subjects Will Soon Be Taught

Over 1000 schools in the country will soon see teachers implement a new Coding and Robotics curriculum. Along with this, the Department of Basic Education provided us with updates with what’s happening within the sector.


Soon, schools in the country will see a new curriculum being taught which will introduce Coding and Robotics subjects.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) gave updates on this and other aspects within the sector during their weekly DBE News Bulletin.

Coding and Robotics Programme

The Department is set to launch a new Coding and Robotics curriculum with the DBE having roadshows to prepare schools for it. These have now finished.

Years of work has been done for this curriculum to be implemented.

This new curriculum will be piloted at 1000 schools for grade 7 to 9 learners and 200 schools for grade R to 3 learners. These schools are located all around the country.

DBE said:

This initiative is about more than going digital. It is also about upscaling teachers and learners with great technological tools that they can take with them anywhere they go.

Schools seem to be excited and ready for this new programme.

Read-to-Lead Campaign

The Department is encouraging that teachers and parents instill reading habits in children as they would be “building strong and confident members of society that are bold enough to face anything”.

Since 2015, DBE has been implementing a Read-to-Lead campaign which works to ensure that all learners can demonstrate age appropriate levels of reading so that they can enjoy the good that comes with reading.

“Through this campaign, the Department wants to ensure that children are reading, or at least encouraged to read, in everything they do and everywhere they go”

South African Administration Management System

The South African Administration Management System (SA-SAMS) is an IT system created to provide schools with a cost-effective and easy-to-use computer solution that contains all aspects of school management requirements.

DBE reported:

Although the system has been largely successful, it has had it’s challenges but it’s users always find a way to work around those.

The system was also created to improve data capturing processes in the sector and reduces the burdens on schools. It captures information about learners in a more efficient way which also saves time.

There were however some hiccups with Ayesha Suleman, Director of Education Management Information Systems (EMIS), said there are IT challenges with some schools not having the proper resources which can cope with SA-SAMS.

Principals have said that the system works well and is used for various administrative tasks.


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