Near To 5 Million SRD Grant Applications Sent In A Week

Near To 5 Million SRD Grant Applications Sent In A Week

It's no surprise that almost 5 million people applied for the Special Relief of Distress grant when applications opened just a week ago. With South Africa's high unemployment and poverty rates, there is hope that this will provide some form of assistance to vulnerable individuals.


Over 4.5 million R350 grant applications have been received in just the first week of applications opening. 

Due to this overwhelming response to the grant, SASSA experienced issues with some of the application channels.

SASSA is therefore now reminding those wanting to apply that R350 grant applications for August SRD grant payments will be open until the end of August.

"The more they make the application at the same time, it clogs the system and it becomes slower," the SASSA spokesperson, Paseka Letsatsi, explained.

With the last round of the grant, close to 7 million people applications were received and SASSA expects this number to grow even more with the reinstatement of the R350 grant.

Letsatsi went on to say that people who receive other grants or income should not apply:

If you know that you are getting something, please do not make an application because we need to give this money to people who need it most.

When you apply, SASSA then checks with other departments and entities such as NSFAS and the Unemployment Insurance Fund if you are receiving funds from them. If you do, you will not qualify to receive the grant.

SASSA hopes to make the first R350 grant payments by the end of August.

To make payments easier, applicants who have bank accounts are urged to use this as their way to get paid and to submit their correct banking details to SASSA.

"We are working 24 hours around the clock to make sure that we process as many people as possible because we know that each and every day that goes by, with people having very little to put on the table, it's very difficult for people," said Letsatsi.

You will not have to re-apply every month if you applied this month. SASSA undertakes verification processes every month to check if those who were approved, still qualify.

If you applied for the grant in the last round, you will need to re-apply for this reinstatement as SASSA is starting from scratch with applications.

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