Near To 250 000 Vaccinated In School Vaccine Rollout

A week into the vaccine rollout for the education sector, almost 250 000 have already been vaccinated. This rollout is not only for teachers but those who work in school environments as well.


The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has seen 238 815 people being vaccinated as part of it's vaccine rollout for the education sector. Vaccinations kicked off a week ago on 23 June.

These vaccinations are for teachers, school governing body members, school management teams, cleaners, assistants and anyone else who works in the school environment.

The department put out a statement which said:

The Department of Basic Education is confident that all the eligible people identified for the vaccination programme will receive their Johnson & Johnson vaccine as planned.

More vaccine doses will arrive all over the country for the educations sector which the department says will help the rollout gain momentum. DBE hopes to conclude vaccinations on 8 July and aims to vaccinated 582 00 people.

"The number of people vaccinated is set to increase significantly when all provinces intensify the programme following the delivery of additional doses to sites," said the department.

They also said that the closure of schools will speed up the number of vaccines being done with Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, saying, "Thursday and Friday will help us to ramp up because we will not have learners to look after". Vaccinations will continue even though schools closed on 30 June.

The department is confident that they won't run out of vaccine doses with Motshekga saying:

Last week when we received the first 300 000 doses, we requested provinces to plan for the rollout of the 300 000 vaccines. Now the Department of Health has assured us that all the vaccines we requested have arrived and that there won't be any shortages.

Teachers are being encouraged to take the vaccine as it is not mandatory but recommended. Those who do want to take it are asked to follow the schedules in their district.

Motshekga encouraged teachers and said, "We have to try to make our schools safer places so that we don't infect learners and that they don't infect us but also make sure that as educators and staff, we are protected".

We have lost a number of educators and we don't want to lose anyone of us.

All safety protocols are said to be followed during this vaccination rollout.

The Minister is currently monitoring the programme by visiting vaccination sites for the sector around the country.


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