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My Transition From Being A Student To A Facilitator At The Age Of 21

Soon after matriculating in 2015, I was stuck between pursuing a career through work; study further at an FET College or University. It felt like a forked path. I was forced to make a decision and that’s when I decided to study further and I joined a college named Academy Training Group (ATG), I don’t regret that day because it has greatly changed my life.

My transition from being a student to a Facilitator at the age of 21 is a unique experience

During my high school days, as well as the first days at ATG, I didn’t know what career path to pursue. But because of the way the facilitators at ATG are so passionate at what they do, it actually has revealed my hidden talent and brought out the best in me.

My experience with ATG has been inspiring and marvelous as I have done a number of courses through Learnerships they offer such as Business Administration Services; End User Computing; Project Management and currently doing a course in Financial Accounting.

 Academy Training Group has given me an opportunity to improve my skills in my field of choice. They have prepared me for a smooth transition from school to work by providing me with the skills necessary to succeed. I feel that I am now well prepared for real life situations as I learned more than I expected.

ATG have now given me an opportunity to become a Facilitator.

 I never thought I would be a Facilitator at the same college I studied one day or teach people at a tertiary level, whom some of them are older than me at the young age of 21.

Now I can because of the knowledge and experience I have gained at ATG.



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