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Motshekga Admits Problems Will Arise As Learners Return

With less than a few days until schools repoen, Minister Motshekga has been making visits to schools in Gauteng in order to assess their readiness. 

The Department of Basic Education has faced many problems in the process of reopening schools.

In her multiple addresses to the public, Minister Motshekga has spoken out against the looting and vandalism that has been happening in schools since the lockdown. 

Even with these problems, the Minister is certain the reopening of schools for learners in grades 7 and 12 will happen next week. 

The Minister admits that she is concerned with how schools will cope once learners in other grades start to return. 

“For now, space is not a problem and teaching staff is not a problem. So, most of them indicate that it is only after we bring in grade 10 pupils that the crisis is going to happen."

It is unclear whether the department has a way forward or if these issues will be dealt with as they arise.

In the meantime, schools that are opening on Monday will be dealing with administrative issues before teaching continues. 


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