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More To Be Done For School Nutrition Programmes

school nutriition

Improvements are to be seen with school nutrition programmes as the Department plans for more learners to benefit from it. It was previously seen that because there were less learners coming to school, they weren't getting the food which was provided. The Basic Education Minister has now addressed this.


School nutrition programmes are ready to go forth as normal.

Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, said during a media briefing that they have had two challenges with school nutrition programmes.

During level 1, the Department has had to feed learners even when the learners were not at schools. However, it was found that few learners came to the schools to benefit from these programmes.

There were still learners who were not receiving meals when they were at home. This is because the rotational timetable introduced by the department means learners have days where they don't go to school. 

It was previously reported that Equal Education's Roné McFarlane said Equal Education has given feedback to the Department asking for the department to make a plan for these learners. 

Now with the move to level 1, the number of learners who come to schools has increased which means school nutrition programmes will now be geared towards more learners and these Departments will therefore be feeding more.

Motshekga said that these programmes have assisted beneficiaries and will ensure more learners receive the nourishment they need. 

Equal Education has previously said that it has seen an improvement in the reports it receives from the department about the NSNP. This improvement is not only in the reports but also in the implementation of the programme, as the department has been providing learners with more nutritional meals.

However, Equal Education still wants the department to do more in terms of reporting and feeding learners.




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