More Than 20 Gauteng Schools Closed Due To Rising Covid-19 Infections

More than 20 schools have been closed in Gauteng on Friday due to a rapid rise in Covid-19 over the past 24 hours. This comes after the Gauteng Department of Education, Steve Mabona held a press briefing on Friday to give current data on the rising Covid-19 infection rate in the province


20 more schools have closed in Gauteng due to a rise in Covid-19 infections. The province currently has majority of the daily increase in cases.

During a press briefing, Spokesperson for the Gauteng Department of Education, Steve Mabona shared the current data of Covid-19 infections in schools in the province.

As it stands, there are currently 4700 total confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Gauteng's school sector and Mabona went to break them down in more detail.

There are 4700 cases that we have confirmed. When you look at those numbers you can see that the learners are 2800 and compared to a figure released yesterday which was 1900, close to 2000. The Educators we were at about 1007, now we are at 1500 so you can see an increase there

He added, "We also recorded the general assistants at just about 200 and youth brigades at about 98 so there's an overall increment on all the sectors in our space, which is quite concerning."

Mabona also pointed out that most of these confirmed cases comes from high schools adding that the department is monitoring the situation and has closed down more than 20 schools.

Well the majority of these cases come from secondary schools while just about 1000 come from primary schools, so we're monitoring the situation very closely you might recall that we recorded about 20 schools that we have closed, we are standing about 23 schools that we have closed.

Some of the schools that have been closed may reopen the following week.

Parents have been asked not to take any advice from political parties when it comes to the closure of schools, as the department of education only acts on data provided by the department of health.

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