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More Pressure For Matric Learners

The pressure is on for matric learners, as preparations begin for them to return to school in less than 2 weeks. The final exams have already been set, and Umalusi has declared just how much content learners will be tested on.

The Department of Basic Education has decided to cut down on the amount of content in the school curriculum. This means that only essential concepts will be taught to learners.

This does not apply to matric learners, who will have to learn the same amount of content as those before them. 

Umalusi, the body that sets the standard for matric examinations, has stated that the matric class of 2020 will be tested on the whole year's content.

The body has stated that it will not change how learners are tested and it does not plan to restructure exams, despite how the school year has been disrupted by covid-19. 

John Volmink, Umalusi Council Chairperson, said the exams took 18 months to set. It would take 18 more months for Umalusi to reset the exams, which it cannot afford to do in this short period of time.

All eyes are on the Department of Basic Education, as debates continue about whether the plans it has put in place will be enough to provide matric learners with the tools and support they need to write their final examinations.

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