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Minister Employs Covid19 Task Team For Higher Education


The Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, has established a Post School Education and Training Covid-19 Task Team. They will be addressing urgent challenges across the higher education landscape.


The South African Union of Students has released the following statement following the announcement that the Minister will be establishing a task team to address the urgent challenges across the higher education landscape:

The South African Union of Students welcomes the decision by Minister Blade Ndzimande to urgently establish a PSET Covid19 Task Team.

The task team will, amongst other things, be responsible for addressing urgent challenges across the higher education landscape (residence evictions, online learning etc) as well as to guide the HE sector moving forward.

This task team comes at a time of a lot of uncertainty and populist positions exercised by various institutions and other actors at the expense of the broader collective.

Notwithstanding, while the covid19 pandemic has caught us all off guard, as a SAUS we reiterate that students should not be compromised with elite arrangements that will disadvantage the poor and working class student.

To this end, the South African Union of Students welcomes the appointment of Cde Palomino Jama, SAUS gender officer, and Cde Thabo Shingange, SAUS National Spokesperson, to the PSET Covid19 Task Team as forwarded accordingly by the Union.

As SAUS we are confident that both Cde Palo and Cde Thabo will champion the interests of the broader student collective as well to ensure that the quality and credibility of the 2020 academic remains prioritized.



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