Minister Confirms Teacher Assistants Will Be Hired Again

Minister Confirms Teacher Assistants Will Be Hired Again

With Treasury on board, the Department of Basic Education will have the teacher assistants programme up and running for a second time around. It's said that these assistants will be of major help and assist schools to cope.


During her briefing on Sunday, the Minister in charge of the Department of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, confirmed that teacher assistants will once again be hired.

In the last few days the Treasury has approved funding for a second outing of the Teaching Assistants programme which will see additional in the classrooms to support teachers.

We’re having teacher assistants. We’ve really been begging.

The department hopes to have the programme last longer than a year this time around.

These teachers assistants will allow for teachers to have more time for actual teaching while assistants do administrative tasks. The teacher assistants will also be trained to deal with learners, slow learners but also can give psycho-social support. 

Motshekga said that this is one way in which they hope to make up for the major losses schools saw in the past two years due to the pandemic.

With schools returning to 100% capacity full-time, this then presented challenges for teachers needing to cope. With more space needed, more teachers were needed. The Minister then previously said, "We are hoping to get teaching assistants to get more capacity." 

Teacher assistants will also help schools adhere to social distancing protocols by enabling smaller classes.


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