May/June Matric Exam Results To Be Released in August

May/June examinations for Matriculants has now been concluded. The Department of Basic Education has now said when results for these exams will be released as well as other details.


The Department has said that May/June exams have gone while. Results are now being prepared to be released  on 24 August. 

About 180 000 sat down to write during this exam period this year. Dr Rufus Poliah, the Chief Director of National Assessments and Examinations for the Department of Basic Education (DBE) said there were concerns about Covid cases but:

That was well managed and wherever learners either demonstrated or displayed symptoms of Covid, they wrote in isolation.

There were also candidates who tested positive for Covid who wrote but did so in isolated venues under very strict protocols.

Marking was completed last week with Eastern Cape being the last province to finish up. Capturing of marks are now underway and after this, the data will then be standardised by Umalusi. This will be done on 6 August.

Following this, verification and processing will then occur along with printing of statements of results.

These exams came into effect in 2019 after a policy change was implemented which saw supplementary exams being replaced. 

Supplementary exams were said to be limiting a learner and that the way the May/June exams improved on this. How exactly? Well, the May/June exams is for all those who failed to meet the requirements for the National Senior Certificate (NSC), want to obtain their Matric certificate or were unsatisfied with their results.

The May/June examination still offers the old Senior Certificate qualification but a revamped version of it. This was done in accordance with the current CAPS curriculum.

An adult learner who has a minimum of the old Standard 7 or Grade 9 can write the May/June exam and they would then be awarded a Senior Certificate.

A full-time learner at school would follow the same curriculum but would be offered the National Senior Certificate.

The May/June examination is one examination for adult candidates and school candidates together with repeat candidates but there are two different qualifications issued.

Registrations for May/June exams for 2022 will commence in October and will be open until January.


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