Matriculants Are Anxious About Upcoming Mock Exams

Anxiety is on the minds of the matric class of 2021 as some feel they are not prepared enough for their preliminary exams. They’re expected to sit for their mock exams in about a month’s time, but the three-week disruption because of lockdown alert level four has made them feel uncertain and anxious.


Some learners in the matric class of 2021 feel that they are not prepared enough for their preliminary exams. 

Matriculants are expected to sit for their mock exams in about a month’s time but the three-week disruption, because of lockdown alert level four, has made them feel uncertain and anxious. 

Matric learners made their return to school on Monday following a three-week break due to alert level four lockdown regulations and some at a school in Pretoria admit that there is some level of stress that comes with the preparatory stages of their exams.

When it comes to Matric you always have stress because you the pressure that you need to perform a certain way to get into the varsity of your choice and for certain bursaries. With this interruption, we found that we're now tight on schedule because we need to fit in the entire syllabus and still make up for the three weeks that we lost.

Some of the learners have also said that vaccines for high schoolers should also be a priority saying that they stress about both Matric as well as Covid-19 and that if matriculants were a priority then they would find it easier to focus on their studies.

In addition to this, some have expressed concern for their peers who are enrolled in schools that are more disadvantaged.

I've heard that some schools don't have extra classes or don't have enough material, so if they could send enough material to other schools as well then they can also be more efficient and send social workers as well because not everyone can handle the stress.

The learners also say that they have been provided with extra classes to help them with their preparation. According to NAPTOSA President, Basil Manuel, teachers also experience stress.

Manuel says that 2021 matriculants have not had the advantage of a full year in grade 11 unlike previous matriculants which resulted in teachers having to make up for lost time.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education is in full support of calls to have learners vaccinated and encourages parents to allow it.


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