Matrics Urged To Be Cautious About Social Events

As final exams are almost over, Minister Schäfer encourages Grade 12 learners to consider the risks of attending social events during the pandemic. 


The Minister of Education in the Western Cape, Debbie Schäfer, released a statement encouraging learners to be cautious when attending social events during their exams.

In 2020, a large number of COVID-19 cases were recorded in KwaZulu-Natal, as a result of matrics attending festival events.

According to Minister Schäfer, “many of those who tested positive had travelled to the coast from Gauteng, so returned home taking COVID-19 with them”.

Since many of these social events take place during the Grade 12 end of year exams, Schäfer is worried that learners may be infected with COVID-19 and miss their exams because they are too ill to write them. 

If learners miss their final exams, they will need to write to rewrite them in June 2022. 

Getting COVID-19 does not only affect their exams but also runs the risk of infecting their friends, family and classmates.

“I urge learners and their parents to consider whether these and other social events are worth the risk. Yes, we may have lower numbers of active cases in our province and country at present, but we know from the experience of other countries that it is only a matter of time before another wave arrives,” said Minister Schäfer.

Matriculants are urged to avoid contributing to a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Understandably, these learners want to enjoy their holidays with their friends, after the toughest two years. However, they are advised to be responsible and think about the safety of their friends and families.

“Matrics, you are on the home stretch and the exams are nearly over. Staying focused on your exams right now is an investment in your own future. There will be plenty of time for celebrating later once you have completed your exams. All the best for the remaining exams” stated Minister Schäfer.


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