Matric Learners Encouraged To Get Vaccinated Before Final Exams

Western Cape’s Education Department is now urging those Matriculants who are eligible to get vaccinated as the Matric final exams approach. Recently, the Department of Basic Education released the final Matric exam timetable.


‘Get vaccinated!’ seems to be Western Cape Education Department (WCED)’s message to the Matric Class of 2021. With the final National Senior Certificate exams for 2021 fast approaching, vaccinations are becoming even more important.

WCED Minister Debbie Schäfer released a statement saying:

With matric exams just around the corner, I want to encourage as many of our matric learners aged 18 and over to receive the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible in time for their National Senior Certificate examinations.

Many Matric learners, who are eligible, have already been vaccinated with schools taking the initiative to communicate, inform and encourage learners to get vaccinated if they are over the age of 18. The Minister said that they have seen positive responses from Matrics when it comes to getting their Covid jab.

Schäfer went on to say, “We hope that other candidates that qualify, also take up the opportunity afforded to them.”

The Department of Health in the province have also stepped up to make arrangements so that learners can get vaccinated faster and easier at vaccination sites. 

Schools can submit the names and consent from learners who wish to get vaccinated to the district and from there, a timeslot will be arranged for learners to get vaccinated while being accompanied by a teacher or staff member. Transport can also be arranged.

“I would like to thank the DoH for their continued support, and the health workers of our province who have tirelessly fought this pandemic with professionalism and kindness,” said Schäfer.

Some learners expressed their satisfaction with getting vaccinated and why they decided to get inoculated with one saying:

I decided to get vaccinated because I have seen a lot of people who have been infected by COVID-19 and some of them succumbed to the virus. It’s important that I take the vaccine especially because I am in my matric year. I cannot afford not to go to school as this is an essential time in my school life.

Matrics have said that they fear that they’ll get infected while the exam period occurs and that they’ll miss papers, saying the vaccine could help combat that. 

Another Matric pupil said, “Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is very important for us doing matric this year as we will be writing the NSC exams later this year. We need to ensure that we protect ourselves in order to complete our matric year this year.”

The WCED went on to praise learners like these saying that they are wise and shows that there are “informed decisions made by the youth of our province”. 

They know the importance of the vaccine, how it can benefit them, their friends and families, and their performance in the NSC. I sincerely hope others follow suit.

There are less than seven weeks left until the final NSC exams commence on 27 October and end on 7 December. This exam period will run for 6 weeks. 

“Vaccines really are the only way we are going to find our way back to some semblance of normality in our sector, and our society. It definitely adds another layer of protection for our learners who have worked so hard up until this point.”

Read the full statement from the WCED here.

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