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Matric Exam Centres Facing Challenges

Matric exams have been in full swing for nearly 2 weeks and some exam centres have already started running into some problems. The department has seen just how far people are willing to go to do well in these exams.


Some exam centres have experienced cases of candidates having other people write exams on their behalf. 

Rufus Poliah, Basic Education Chief Director of National Assessment and Public Examinations said the department has faced this problem before. 

“A phenomenon that we have had previously, that seems to be resurfacing is what we refer to as imposter. An imposter is sometimes referred to as a ghost candidate. Technically what happens during this situation is one other individual or adult decides to write on behalf of the registered candidate,” Poliah said.

The department has faced two cases of ghost candidates. In the first case, the candidate was arrested by the police while the other one managed to disappear. 

The good news is, the department has seen a decrease in learners going into the exam with crib notes. 

The night before the official start of exams, the department announced that Covid-19 positive learners would be allowed to write the final matric exams.

This caused some confusion as the department had previously said these learners would not be allowed to write.

The department came forward and said it changed its policy after meeting with the Department of Health which agreed that it would take charge in dealing with Covid-19 positive learners. 

These learners have been writing in exam venues separate from other learners.

“Private invigilators have been appointed to provide where there are challenges. COVID-19 cases remain a concern but our revised safety protocols are helping to manage the impact." said Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga. 

Despite the department not facing too many setbacks this exam season, the minister said the department would continue to be vigilant. 

“The exam system is now running with minimum challenges in that regard. We are pleased with the progress made thus far. It seems initial fears and anxiety have now been allayed. We however remain vigilant,” she said.



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