Manamela Comes Out in Support Of Carolissen

Dr. Randall Carolissen is not popular with the National Education Health and Allied Workers' Union (Nehawu), who accused him of mismanaging NSFAS, and generally being opposed to unions.  The NSFAS Administrator defended his record in parliament last week and now the Deputy Minister has voiced his support as well.

After a mammoth five and a half hour sitting last week the public was little the wiser about the status of NSFAS. The National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) laid a compliant with the parliamentary portfolio committee on Higher Education about the Administrator Dr Randall Carolissen. They are supported by many of the former employees who have been suspended or dismissed in the two years of the Administrator's tenure - and others still with the organisation.

Dr Carolissen issued a blanket rejection of the charges leveled against him by the union and spent significant time going through many of the specific allegations denying them, one by one. 

Nehawu originally supported the appointment of Carolissen who they hoped would solve the problems that bedevilled NSFAS. They claimed in parliament last week that things are worse than before. The allegations include that the is paying himself and his hand-picked advisors excessive salaries and perks. 

The union's allegations seemed to be well received by the members of parliament, who spent a lot of time addressing the allegations that the Administator mislead parliament. Until now there has been no word on how the Minsitry of Higher Education views the performance of Dr Carolissen.  

However, Buti Manamela, Deputy Higher Education Minister, has not rold EWN that he disagrees with Nehawu and thinks that Carolissen has done a great job in his position at NSFAS.

“As far as we’re concerned, NSFAS has stabilised over the last two years.”

“The minister believed in his wisdom that we needed to extend briefly the contract of the administrator so that we finalise the appointment of the CEO. There has not been a substantiation of the allegations of corruption and maladministration,” said Manamela.

However, the ministry does not disregard Nehawu’s concerns.

Deputy Minister Buti Manamela Talking to Eye Witness News


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