Manamela Admires Universities’ Response To COVID-19

Manamela Nationwide Oversight

Since 1 October, some students have returned to their campuses, which is why Manamela’s teams have assessed their readiness to welcome these students. Manamela plans to do a nationwide oversight to ensure that all campuses are following the proper protocols and ensuring the safety of their students. Thus far they have visited the University of the Western Cape and Nelson Mandela University.

Buti Manamela, Higher Education, Science, and Innovation Deputy, visited both the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and Nelson Mandela University (NMU). Manamela has emphasized that their main goal is to ensure that this academic year is not a waste and that students are well prepared for their upcoming exams.

On Monday 26 October, Manamela visited UWC and applauded them on their response to COVID-19 and the measures in place to ensure that students are exposed to their learning material in preparation for their exams.

When he visited NMU, he was happy to see that they too had adhered to the COVID-19 protocols.

NMU has a implemented a system whereby students can request to take books out online and collect them from the library. When these books return, they are placed in a room for 72 hours. These books are disinfected by a UV light system before they are placed back on the shelves.

The 2020 academic year has been extended until March 2021, in an effort to finish the curriculum.

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