Man Killed By Police Bullets During Wits Protest


As the Wits protest continue, a man has now been shot and has passed away due to rubber bullets being fired by police. Students have been protesting to have the University allow students who are financially excluded to register.


A man has been killed in Braamfontein during the Wits protest. He was shot and died at the scene.

The man is said to have been shot in the chest by bullets fired by police.

There has been no confirmation about whether this was a rubber bullet or an actual bullet. It was also not confirmed whether the deceased was a student.

Wits SRC has said that it was a live round bullet which resulted in his death as they said:


The SRC then posted an image of the body covered with a silver blanket with the caption: "This is how they want us. Dead and silenced. Black bodies are ALWAYS put on the line and all we just want is education and for Wits University to stop excluding black and poor individuals".

Wits students are stepping up and protesting against their University pleading that students who have historical debt be allowed to register as they risk financial exclusion.

They now want the South African Human Rights Commission to intervene. EyeWitnessNews reported that students want Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, and Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, to intervene as well.

The EFF Students Command has said:

A civilian has been shot dead by the police in the current demonstration that are happening. Students continue to get arrested and brutalised!

For our earlier story on the Wits protest, click here.

 This is a developing story.




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