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Make Way For The Youth To Flourish, Tech Entrepreneur Tells Politicians

Western Cape Government

The future of the country is in the hands of our youth, which is why they should be given opportunities to flourish. That was the message from Alexandria Proctor, Co-Founder of DigsConnect, when she spoke to the Western Cape parliament about 'enabling the enablers' - allowing young entrepreneurs to get to work!


At the moment the world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic which has negatively affected the country’s economy. Not to mention the youth unemployment rate continues to increase.

Alexandria Proctor, CEO and Founder of DigsConnect points out that South Africans are creators, builders, protesters, hustlers, and travel makers. They are the people that make a change in the nation. She was gigen a few minutes to share her advice to lawmakers in the Western Cape parliament.

She believes that entrepreneurs are the enablers and that they will rebuild the economy with the support from government.

Lockdown took away the opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a difference in the country, which is why Proctor urges government to not implement a second lockdown.

With the help of government, entrepreneurs like Proctor can help the youth of South Africa reach their potential and decrease the unemployment rate.

The way forward for the Western Cape would be to purse education, which will enable youth to follow their dreams and change the future of the nation.

Western Cape is the technology hotspot and is often led by young entrepreneurs. Since the fourth industrial revolution is approaching, she believes that the youth could build the future and impact millions of South Africans positively through technology.

Parliament could work with Tech companies which will enable the enablers.

Proctor founded DigsConnect after working on the UCT SRC where she held the student housing portfolio. She realised the scale of the houslng shortage for students and believed that a technology platform would be able to help. 



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