Limpopo School starts a Catch-up Camp For Grade 12 Learners

83 grade 12 learners and their teachers at Klaas Mothapo Secondary School in Limpopo have started a catch-up program by turning their school into a camp. 

This catch-up program was started in preparation for the upcoming grade 12 final examinations. 

Make-shift mattresses have been used for sleeping and ordinary classrooms have been transformed into hostels with male and female students occupying different sections. 

The rotation system in which learners have only been going to school once or twice a week, due to the restricted space available for social distancing coupled with coronavirus outbreaks at schools left many schools with limited time available to cover the entire matric syllabus.

Teachers and learners believe that this camp will help learners, who have lost time due to the national lockdown, to perform better in the 2020 final examinations. 

Students acknowledge that it is a big sacrifice that they have had to make, but believe it will be worthwhile in the end. 

In an interview with SABC news one student said:

"It was really hard you know, not going home and not seeing your family for a whole week but then we had to anticipate and think about our futures."

Another added:

"During our studies at home we were not really studying so I think our teachers took their time and came here to help us... I'm sure that I will produce better results because of this camp."

Grade 12 students have had to do majority of the curriculum at home by themselves and were expected to complete the syllabus for the National Senior Certificate examinations. This catch-up program was vital in ensuring that they had covered all the work thoroughly and got the assistance they needed before they begin the final exams this Thursday. 

"We were able to master all our studies mostly in math and physical sciences so this camp has really helped us a lot as students."

-Matric pupil at Klaas Mothapo Secondary School in Limpopo

Security was provided at the school to ensure the safety of all the students and teachers while they camped there. 

"We were trying to address the challenges caused by Covid-19 earlier this year, secondly we were trying to address the  challenges that educators have realised when marking the trial examination papers. All combined we realized that it is better for us to come up with a strategy which is normally called the 'last push',"

-Marakeng Mokhomola, Student Governing Body Chairperson at Klaas Mothapo Secondary School


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