Level 3 Fines Could Land You Behind Bars

The Johannesburg district will be giving out fines to people found guilty of not following the updated level 3 regulations. These updated regulations will be in place until 15 January 2021. 



There are level 3 fines as well as general fines, which apply regardless of the lockdown level. These fines could set you back by thousands of rands or you could get arrested. 

Level 3 fines

A fine of R3 000 or 6 months in prison or both will be charged to: 

  • Any person who fails to follow the updated curfew - 21h00 and 06h00 daily (the regulations make exceptions for those providing essential services) 

A fine of R1 500 will be charged to: 

  • Any person who fails to wear a mask after being verbally instructed by the police/law enforcement (the penalty could be a fine or 6 months in prison or both)  
  • Any person drinking alcohol in public places
  • Any person found transporting liquor. This does not include:

"(a) Alcohol required by industries producing hand sanitizers,
disinfectants, soap, industrial use and household cleaning
(b) Export purposes
(c) From manufacturing plants to storage facilities
(d) Being transported from any licensed premises for safe keeping"

"Non Admission of Guilt" (NAG) Fines will be given to: (these fines are considered serious offences that will be settled in court.)

  • Any person not wearing a face mask in public
  • Initiation schools that continue with initiation practices under the updated restrictions. No initiation practices are allowed
  • Any person taking part in post initiation practices
  • Public transport (bus and taxi services) operators carrying more than 70% of licenced capacity for long distance travel (more than 200km)
  • Any person or registered wineries and wine farms selling or distributing alcohol for off-site and on-site consumption 

General fines:

A fine of R3 500 will be charged to:

  • Any person found guilty of spreading false information about Covid-19.

  • Any person who fails to follow the regulations.

A fine of R 3 000 will be charged to: 

  • Any person who intentionally misrepresents that they are infected with Covid-19. 

Arrests will be made if:

  • Any person intentionally exposes others to Covid-19. They can be criminally prosecuted for assault, attempted murder or murder. 

"Non Admission of Guilt" (NAG) Fines will be given to:

(these fines are considered serious offences that will be settled in court.)
  • Drivers/operators of public transport who fail to ensure that all passengers are wearing masks.
  • Managers/owners of buildings and places who let members of the public enter and use their premises without masks. 
  • Employers who fail to ensure that all employees and people who enter the work premises are wearing masks.
  • School principals/owners who do not take the necessary measures to ensure that all learners have masks or an item to cover their nose and mouth.
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