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Learners Will Have 1,5m Between Them In Class


The WCED Central released a video which shows what measures will be taken at schools once learners return from 1 June. 

WCED Central has released a video which shows that schools are ready to welcome learners back with many measures in place to protect from Covid-19. Included is that learners will have a space of 1,5m between them in classes. 

When learners return:

  • Their hands will be sanitised as they enter
  • Temperatures will be checked
  • Questions will be asked as a form of screening for the coronavirus
  • They will be directed to their seats
  • On entering classes, they will need to sanitize

Before leaving homes to come to school, learners are encouraged to self check. They should examine whether they have had a cough, sore throat, fever, difficulty breathing or been in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. If they answer yes ti any of these, they should then not come to school. 

Learners are encouraged to bring a mask, sanitiser, tissues and all their own stationery and to only use their own stationery. 

They will need to maintain a physical distancing and stay at least 1,5m away from anyone else at school. They will also need to wear their cloth masks throughout the school day. 



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