Learner Dies By Suicide After Being Bullied At School

Bullying has become one of the most dominating acts of violence in South African schools. The country once again mourns the loss of a young life that could have been avoided.


According to the Eastern Cape Education District Director Mbulelo Mpudu, the deceased learner who has committed suicide, Lathitha Nako had a spiritual calling known to the school and her peers.

After the school discovered that Nako had a spiritual calling which was also reported by her peers, the school arranged a meeting with her parents and the parents of her other three peers which Nako’s parents didn’t attend, Mpudu said.

Mbulelo Mpudu states that the intentions of the meeting was to find out about Nako’s background upon discovering that she had a spiritual gift.

The department said on the 16 November 2021, after the meeting was rescheduled between the three parents involved to get to the bottom of what had transpired, after reports of Nako’s passing were conveyed to the school.

The department further adds that the investigation is ongoing as they aim to uncover facts about the incident to inform their investigation.

Nako is said to have started Grade 8 in 2018 at Bisho High School, however the department confirmed that signs of her spiritual calling started in 2019.

One of her teachers and three other learners are reported to have accused her of witchcraft.

In a WhatsApp voice note sent by Lathitha to her friend shortly before she committed suicide, the teenager detailed how she did not understand why one of her alleged bullies would accuse her of witchcraft when she told the learner that she had a spiritual gift and that they must not worry about her gift.

It is hard to be around people since this thing happened. I can’t even enjoy good moments now. I just suddenly memo. I can’t believe she accused me of witchcraft. She knows I have a gift.

In the voice note, Nako appeared to make claims that teachers would be on the side of her bullies in what was scheduled as a meeting that Nako and those involved needed to attend.

The department can’t confirm the involvement of the teacher at this stage, who is alleged to have accused Nako of witchcraft.

Mpudu however confirmed that the department is aware of the allegations and that a multidisciplinary team will investigate the full length of the incident.

Bisho High School learners are said to be protesting for the school principal to be expelled.


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