Leaked Matric Exam Papers Can Now Be Reported

Image of Basic Education Minister Angie Mtshekga

With the final matric exams set to get under way in the next two days, the Department of Basic Education has shed some light on what it has been doing to prepare.


The Basic Education Department has been preparing to ensure that the upcoming final matric exams, which are scheduled to start on Wednesday 27 October until 7 December 2021.

The department’s Director of Communications, Elijah Mhlanga says that although the country may currently be on level 1 of the Covid-19 lockdown, they intend to be as cautious as possible when it comes to avoiding infections during the exam period.

We are operating as though we are still because we don’t want to risk lives. We lost some markers last year and we don’t want to see a repeat of that and we have therefore made sure that our exam centres are fully compliant.

Mhlanga says that these precautionary measures will apply across the board among all examiners as well as learners, ensuring that they wear their masks, maintain social distancing and use sanitisers. 

The department has also put measures in place to avoid irregularities such as cheating and the leaking of exam papers. This includes a hotline which can be used to report such incidents.

We expect that people will use it purely for this reason and know that even if it is a rumour we will follow up on it because during our interaction with the hawks last year and earlier this year we were told that we need to gather as much information as possible.  

Mhlanga says that this idea came as a result of irregularities that occurred in last year’s exam where people had no alternative way of reporting leaked papers. 

He added that reported incidents will be treated with confidentiality and that the department will thoroughly follow up on the provided information.

Learners have also been urged to keep in mind that they have signed a pledge meaning that they have committed to reporting irregularities on 069 335 2818.

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