Last Day For Education Sector Vaccine Rollout


After the previous deadline was extended, today marks the last day for teachers and school staff to get the vaccinations. What about those who couldn't get vaccinated though? Keep reading to find out.


14 July has officially arrived which means that today is the end of the teacher vaccination rollout. With looting, vaccinations have had to be paused in some parts of the country, so what's to happen with those who didn't get a chance to get vaccinated?

Well, the Spokesperson for the Department of Basic Education (DBE), Elijah Mhlanga, said:

Those who could not access vaccination sites will be assisted even after the formal conclusion of the programme in the basic education sector. We are mindful of the situation happening in parts of the country right now. Please stay calm.

There were also teachers who could not be vaccinated during this rollout due to having Covid, being pregnant or having taken a flu vaccine. The department has said that they will start planning when and where these individuals will be vaccinated.

On Monday, the Gauteng Department of Education issued a statement concerning vaccinations having to be paused due to the violence currently taking place in the province.

"Educators and support staff in Gauteng are advised that some vaccination sites have had to close temporarily due to violent protests for safety concerns in the affected parts of the province," the department said.

Kwazulu-Natal boasted impressive numbers when it came to their vaccine rollout but with looting continuing in the province since the past weekend, vaccination sites in the province had to close temporarily as well.

In addressing these closures, the Health Department has advised those who were going to be vaccinated at sites which are now damaged or closed to defer their vaccination.

In their statement, the public is advised the following:

All people who ate eligible and scheduled to vaccinate in the affected areas, are urged to call Covid-19 Call Centre at 0800 029 999 or make use of the various self-help channels: . Whatsapp 0600 123 56 or dial *134*832# and reply to the messages.

Over 200 000 people were added to the education sector vaccine programme bringing the total targeted vaccinations to 789 000. The original target was 582 000. This number includes staff who transport children, food handlers, those who do remote learning programmes as well as security and cleaning personnel.

The department started vaccinations in the sector on 23 June and had a 8 July deadline set which was extended. They could not meet the original deadline due to delays with the second phase of the rollout.

They experienced a number of difficulties with the programme. The first phase is said to have gone very well but the second phase saw delays. These delays were due to teachers who are not employed by the state having to be registered separately.




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