Laptops From NSFAS Might Only Come In Months

Minister Nzimande outlined where NSFAS currently stands in the procurement of devices for students and how this process of giving students laptops will happen. He also responded to allegations that corruption and interferences were happening within this process.

Due to delays with tender processes, Minister Nzimande has said that the procurement of laptops will still take another month or two. He does however note that it is extremely urgent to provide these devices to students.

Only contact NSFAS students who are currently registered at the financial aid scheme will receive devices. 

Students at Universities and TVET Colleges who qualify to receive a laptop will have the option of accepting or declining the offer of a device. 

This device will then be given to students on a loan basis and the cost of it will be added to the student's account.

The Department wants students to own them. To make this possible, the Department will then give students the following options:

  • Students can purchase it by settling the cost of it
  • Students can give permission for NSFAS to keep their next learning material allowance 

Students who are leaving their institution after 2020 must return the device in good condition or purchase the device at an agreed upon price. Students who don't follow that guideline will have the cost of the device added to their student accounts.

NSFAS students at TVET colleges don't normally receive learning material allowances like University students do. However, Minister Nzimande has now signed a policy which will allow them to receive digital devices for the 2020 academic year. He said they will go back to those matter going forward.

Trimester 1 and Semester 1 students at TVET colleges wont qualify for a device because they've already written their final exams. Students who are applying to do Trimester 2 and Semester 1 studies will however receive devices.

Despite allegations turning up of corruption happening in procuring these devices, Minister Nzimande has said in a media briefing that their task is primarily to help South Africans to access online learning.


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