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Keep Your Home Covid-19 Free


All South Africans are currently under a 21 day national lockdown due to the coronavirus. This means that we are all mostly confined to our homes and we need to therefore make sure our hames are safe for us. 

Cleaning your house and making sure everything is clean, including yourself, pets and even your shoes has never been this important. In order to stop the spread of Covid-19, we all need to take extra precaution and be even more aware of germs around us.

It should become a routine for you to have your kitchen surfaces be clean all the time as well as cleaning all surfaces with soap and disinfectants.

Paying attention to your kitchen is also very important as it's a very common space that everyone in the house would use. Keeping it clean and practicing good hygiene and washing hands on entering are therefore good practices.

Going outside is inevitable for some as groceries and hygiene and medical supplies are essential. When deciding to go outside, you should think about having a separate pair of shoes that you wear when you do, as well as storing them in a specific place, preferably near the main door. 

You should also clean the bags you obtain from shopping before entering the house as they could have been exposed to the virus. Getting infected is as simple as touching something that has the virus germ on it. 

Be sure to keep the amount of times you have to go outside to a minimum. Only do so when necessary. 

Make sure to wash your hands when you come back inside as well as disinfecting anything you touched. 

Also make sure you disinfect everything you regularly touch thoroughly and using disinfectants. Bleaching powder or hydrochlorite are good for cleaning your house. 

As for pets. They cannot contract the virus but they could possibly carry it. Keep them away from meeting or playing with other people. Also avoid having them be touched by others.

If you have someone that is sick in your house, make sure that you maintain a distance from this individual and to also wash their clothes separately to not have germs spread. Try your best to have your clothes being washed at home. If you are using a laundromat, use gloves when giving clothes in.




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