It Takes 10 Years of High School To Pass Matric In SA, Finds Study

The University of Stellenbosch has conducted a study presenting a flow of South Africa's schooling system. The study finds that an average South African spends 10 years in high school before obtaining matric, which has progressively led to a high dropout rate in the country’s education system. 


The University of Stellenbosch conducted a study which showed that the South African schooling system could be the problem in the high dropout-rate of the country’s education system. 

The University of Stellenbosch professor, Servaas Van Der Berg said that for every one successful matric pass, it takes about ten years of high school learning. 

The point really is, we need to have ten years that a learner spends in high school for every one successful matric.

Professor Servaas however said its not every learner that is in high school spends the period of ten years, but they looked at the overall run of the learners in high school. 

The Stellenbosch professor indicated that the country spends most of its resources on students who repeat Grades and often never obtain matric.  

The study by the university finds that there is a high repetition rate in Grade 10 which is about 25% average. The study also finds that Grade 10 has the highest dropout rate. 

Professor Servaas explained that the main problem lies in repetition policy of the system, where a learner is allowed to be in the same Grade more than once or two times. 

Reports suggested that the high-rate repetition of the same Grade could also be a contributing factor in the overcrowding of South African schools. 

Servaas advises that the government should consider relooking the repetition of school Grades in general, to ensure a moving flow of students from one Grade to the next. 

Professor Servaas Van Der Berg is the Professor of Economics at the Stellenbosch University and has since 2017  warned about the looming crisis in the country’s basic education system.

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