Issues With Sassa SRD Grant

The C19 People’s Coalition has raised concerns about Sassa’s R350 grant and has said it ‘falls short of promised reprieve’. Meanwhile, Sassa urges SRD applicants to be patient.

Sassa has set up a Special Relief Grant to give vunerable individuals some relief during Covid-19. However, The C19 People’s Coalition has raised concerns about Sassa’s R350 grant and has said it ‘falls short of promised reprieve’.

The C19 People’s Coalition is there to ensure that the way South Africa’s Government responds to the COVID-19 virus is effective, provides for all and meets the needs of the most vulnerable.

This grant was created to give those vulnerable individuals who have had their situation worsen due to the National lockdown as well as to help aid immediate hunger and poverty. The C19 People’s Coalition does however find fault with the SRD grant and has said that it “currently falls far short of the relief that was promised” by Sassa

Sassa has received a record number of applicants for this grant and has stated, “If you have lodged an application for the Special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant, please be patient, SASSA will revert with the outcome.”

In The C19 People’s Coalition’s statement they have released, they bring up the following issues with the SRD grant:

  • It’s not enough and won’t be able to meet the nutritional requirements for one person. There should therefore be a larger grant.
  • Applicants need assistance and Sassa offices should be opened for full capacity rather than operating at a third of it’s capacity as it is now.
  • Government should deploy more workers throughout the country as people in under-resourced and rural areas are not getting the assistance they need while also providing employment which is needed.
  • The current alternative payment method using cash transfers to a cellphone is not accessible to some and could have individuals be vulnerable to fraud. Alternative methods that provide access to all needs to therefore be provided.
  • There is poor communication and confusion in terms of information given from Sassa. Sassa needs to come up with a communication strategy that reaches everyone.
  • There are individuals who are employed but do not receive any other grants because they do not match that criteria such as informal workers. Sassa is then asked to drop the current criteria for the SRD grant as it excludes many who actually need it.

If you would like to know more or join the work of the Cash Transfers sub-group, please contact The C19 People’s Coalition at 071 280 0861.

Read the full statement released by the C19 People’s Coalition here

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