ISFAP Applications Will Open In A Few Days, Be Ready!

ISFAP Applications Will Open In A Few Days, Be Ready!

The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, what we know as ISFAP, has announced when they will open their applications for 2022! Here's all you will need to be ready to apply.


Bursary applications for the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP) will open on 5 July, only a few days away!

Applications will be done online on the ISFAP website. You will need to create a profile on the website to apply.

You will need to submit the following documents when you apply:

ISFAP then goes through the completed applications and respond to students applications with 'Pending' or 'Incomplete'. They then go through their internal processes such as testing and following that, they will release offers.

Students will receive a contract once they've been approved and this contract will have details about what will be covered and when funding will begin.

To qualify for funding through ISFAP, they are looking for students who have household incomes which range from R0 to R600 000 per year. This would mean that they cover missing middle students.

The ISFAP bursary benefits are that your tuition is covered as well as accommodation, meals, transport and also psycho-social support. Students will also receive laptops and cash allowances.

To see which courses and Universities they will fund, click here.

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