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Is South Africa Going Back To Level 5?


As we see a major increase in confirmed Covid-19 cases, many South Africans have been speculating that the country will be going back to Lockdown level 5. 


Current Covid-19 statistics is causing concern for both citizens and government which leads the public to ask the question: will we be going back to Lockdown Level 5? This comes as we currently are on Advanced Lockdown Level 3 with many more sectors having reopened in the last month.

Social media was buzzing with South Africans speculating that the country will be placed under level 5 of lockdown again as one individual said, "level 5 needs to be implemented, a lot of people are starting to believe that, this corona thing is a hoax hence the sudden and uncontrollable rise of infections and deaths!".

As South Africa observes the winter seasons, many provinces will see their numbers skyrocket with some reaching their peaks as well. More sectors of the country have also reopened due to lack of funding available but to also reopen sectors of the economy for improvement. 

As of 30 June, there was a total of 151,209 cases  of Covid-19 and 2657 deaths In South Africa. The Medical Research Council has also stated that the death toll in the country is "significantly higher than the predicted number based on historical data”.

South African citizen, Percy Zulu, said:

One concern is that every day comes with reports of healthcare workers, learners and school staff contracting Covid-19 and subsequently, the death toll grows as well. 

Gauteng has seen a surge in cases and Government has even been looking into having an on and off lockdown with stricter regulations for regions of the countries labelled as hotspots, such as in Western Cape and Gauteng. 

One South African has some good advice and says, "It's advisable to place yourselves under Level 5, don’t wait for the government to do it for you". 

Not every South African will agree though. Many South Africans have been seen living their normal lives and ignoring lockdown regulations and even going as far as participating in house parties and braais. President Ramaphosa has said that we need to still stick to following the lockdown regulations and reminded South Africans that we are nowhere near the end of the pandemic and will need to adapt to this reality. 



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