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Is Hantavirus the new Coronavirus?


A man in China has recently died after contracting Hantavirus. This has caused panic across social media as many fear it is a new strain of the deadly coronavirus, but there's no need to panic.

Although the symptoms of Hantavirus are similar to the coronavirus, Hantavirus cannot be transmitted through human contact. It has been around for some time and it can be treated and managed if it's identified in the early stages.

The reason why Hantavirus does not spread through human contact, is because it is transmitted through the consumption of rodent faeces. Once the virus is in your system, it causes other diseases which can weaken the immune system and lead to death in some cases.

With just one recently reported case of a death, Hantavirus is not a major addition to the current global pandemic. The world is more equipped to handle it. However, the fight to find a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus continues. 

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