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Inyathelo Capacity Development Project Doubles DUT Bursaries And Staff

The Durban University of Technology (DUT) is reaping the benefits of an innovative, five year capacity development programme for university fundraisers. 

"Our staff attended a number of workshops, coaching sessions and courses on a variety of topics. There was also constant support from Inyathelo in terms of developing our office's strategic plan, setting milestone targets and working towards achieving them."

A highlight was attending a course at the renowned Lilly School of Philanthropy, based at Indiana University in the United States.

"The partnership has exposed our staff to the fact that there is a whole community of Advancement professionals around the world that have been engaged in this work for some time; and that there are crucial learnings that can be gleaned from these experiences that can help us function more effectively," said Mr Ngubane. 

"The various events made possible by the Kresge-Inyathelo Initiative, such as the leadership retreats, directors' forums and workshops have served as an excellent platform for networking and information sharing between Advancement staff from the different universities. This has also richly enhanced the growth and development of our staff." 

Ms Abrahams said: "It is heartening to share the results of this programme, which has helped universities to grow their cadre of Advancement professionals and implement their knowledge. They are far better positioned to attract resources and support in the long term."



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