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"I Am A Fire" Campaign For No Parole: #LifeMeansForLife

Only 8% of Gender-based violence cases that make it to court end in prosecution. This incredibly low compared to between 25% and 40% of South African women who have experienced violence in their lifetime. The "I am a fire" campaign by Amy Tjasink brings light to this as it petitions for a change in the justice system.


Amy delivers a powerful message in the song and music video of "I am a fire". Using footage from previous anti-GBV protests and choreographed dance, the music video spreads the message of unity and the refusal to be silenced. 

It gives goosebumps as it tells a tale of how the many lives lost at the hands of violence have sparked a movement of fire and unity. It is a call for those who want justice to stand in the frontline and not look back.

"It's time to redefine, you'll find me at the frontline"

The justice system has failed many victims of GBV. It is rarely praised for convicting perpetrators of violence and rape.

Many perpetrators find loopholes in the system and avoid doing time for the crimes they commit. The "I am a fire" campaign is calling for an end to that through a petition and donations.

"The ‘I am a Fire’ campaign is aimed at getting enough signatures on the petition to change the law in South Africa, that being, no bail, no parole and life means for life as well as donate financial assistance to Amy's choice of GBV charity"


Amy Tjasink is a 27-year-old singer/songwriter and anti-GBV activist. You may know her as a Top 7 finalist on The Voice South Africa.

“For years, I have had a yearning in my soul to create something bigger than my own dreams. I have wanted to use my talent, music and various platforms to make a true difference, and that difference now comes in the form of the "I am a Fire’ Anti-GBV Campaign, which is intended to create enough awareness around the absolute devastation that is caused by Gender Based Violence.”- Amy Tjasink

The national lockdown brought to light some heavy truths about South Africa and Gender-Based Violence. The President addressed it in his many speeches, as he named the women and children who had been killed in June. 

“Over the past few weeks, no fewer than 21 women and children have been murdered. Their killers thought they could silence them. But we will not forget them and we will speak for them where they cannot." said the president

These deaths happened only in the span of 2 weeks, bringing into question what needs to be done to ensure the safety of potential victims?

The "I am a fire" petition hopes to open the door for a more active and lasting response from the government. 

Click Here To Sign The Petition





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