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How to make a good first impression

When people communicate, so much is happening at the sub-conscious level and sometimes we walk away feeling very uneasy about a person who said nothing wrong. In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell explains how we make judgement calls and assumptions about people long before we're even consciously aware of it. It’s because of this that we need to make sure we make a good impression when meeting someone for the first time.

Focus on the other person:

We've all been there - trapped in conversation with somebody who has convinced him or herself that you are interested in the minute details of their life. You cannot always escape those people, but you can avoid being one of them.

Search for a point of interest between you and the other person, so that you can get them speaking about something that interests you as well.

You can't always hide what you're thinking so avoid thinking it

In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell dedicates a chapter to how our facial expressions reflect what we're thinking, which the other person will pick up subconsciously.

Be aware of your thoughts when speaking to somebody, and avoid judgement and criticism. If you focus on their positive points, the outcome will be noticed, albeit subconsciously.

Watch your humour:

While everybody likes to laugh, not everybody has the same sense of humour. Avoid being sarcastic, making jokes at another person's expense or even at your expense; they might not always be interpreted the right way.

Dress the part

Life is no longer so formal that you need to wear a suit and tie in all professional environments but there is a fine balance and its important to look like somebody worthy of respect.

A simple rule is to dress in a way which reflects where you want to go: if you aim to run a corporate empire, dress as if you do already.

First impressions are important, but when it comes to making an impact, nothing is more impressive than passion and drive. If you truly believe in what you're doing, and you are excited about it, let that show.

People appreciate enthusiasm and excitement; it is infectious and if you express it, the other person will walk away from the meeting feeling great.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be used as advice.



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