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How To Know If Door To Door Covid-19 Testers Are Real


South Africa is making advancements in managing the coronavirus pandemic. They are now offering door to door testing. Here's how to know if the door tester and screener is real at your front door. 

Government in South Africa has now launched an initiative which sees health workers engaging in door to door testing and screening. However, thiss has some citizens in panic because they do not know whether the person is real or wanting to gain access to their property.

When the coronavirus hit South Africa, there were reports that people posing as health workers offering testing were breaking into houses and causing harm to individuals. Now that door to door testing is real, people need to be educated on how to know if the person on their doorstep is offering testing or has ulterior motives.

These field workers offering legitimate testing and screening will

  • have identification badges
  • be wearing the same tshirts
  • have their official identity documents on them as it’s a requirement
  • be accompanied by police officers

The community will have received notifications that official field workers will be in their areas and the community will then be alerted that they should be expecting field workers on their door steps.



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