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How Phase 2 Of Reopening Schools Will Work

The second phase of the reopening of schools will take place in less than 10 days. The Minister of Basic Education has explained how the second phase will take place. 

Schools will only be allowed to reopen to more grades if they follow the health and safety measures required by the government. This includes social distancing, providing learners with cloth masks, sanitisers and clean water. 

The department has stated: 

“A school or office that has failed to comply with the minimum health, safety and social distancing measures on Covid-19, as contemplated in these directions and the regulations, will remain closed until all the health, safety and social distancing measures are in place."

Motshekga has faced criticism for the first phase of reopening schools, as teachers and learners have been infected with covid-19. The Minister has responded by saying schools recorded a 98% attendance rate in the first week of school.

“Parents have responded. The very people who are directly affected are supporting the move. They would have not sent 98% of their children to school if they were in doubt of the rationality of reopening schools.” said Motshekga. 

This is why the department has decided to continue with the phased-in return of learners despite public criticism. 

On 6 July, the second phase of learners will return to school. This includes learners in Early Childhood Development ("ECD") and grade 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11. 

Schools for learners with special needs and intellectual disabilities will also reopen. 

Soon after on 3 August 2020, learners in grade 4, 5, 8 and 9 will return along with learners with severe intellectual disabilities in grades 4  and 5. 

The department is considering introducing rotational learning in August, as social distancing will start to become difficult with more learners returning to school. 

Matric exams remain set to take place as the department has planned. 

“The November/December National Senior Certificate examinations will be administered as planned, subject to the alignment of the timetable to this year's revised school calendar.” 

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