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Procter & Gamble

Rowin Singh, Talent Practice Leader at P&G South Africa discusses how young people can equip themselves now to stay relevant later.

Another report by McKinsey suggests up to the fifth of the global workforce – 800-million global workers – will be replaced by robots come 2030.

Given that’s a little over ten years away, it’s hard to believe. But it certainly drills home the message that up-skilling and re-skilling is imperative.

WEF also makes it clear the era of AI will catalyse about 133-million new roles, with seamless human-machine collaborations essential – along with ‘human skills’ like empathy, creativity and collaboration.

So, these are the skills for our young people to focus on – skills of the imagination, as American philosopher Martha Nussbaum might say.

Ultimately, we all need to keep learning. Lifelong learning is key to sustained relevancy.

And, as skills became increasingly scarce, rendering competition fiercer, employers will need to adopt a different mindset, ensuring the potential to continue learning and growing at all levels is part of the company culture and mindset.

In SA, the quest for us as employers is to enable this skills-centered system by investing in people’s potential through ongoing training and learning opportunities.

We need to be able to spot passion and grow it. And we need to think laterally. We need to focus on the individual.

That means allowing people to identify their areas of interest and build their skills. Maybe an engineer is the ideal candidate to be a change manager. Maybe a business major has all the skills to head up a marketing team.

Finally, as employers, we need to offer people the chance to be part of something bigger; with a tangible impact on communities and the world at large.

Going forward, young people especially want to use their skills to make a difference. And it’s our responsibility and privilege to help facilitate this.

Applications for P&G South Africa internships programme open until 16 May.

As P&G recruit on the potential they see in people, you’ll be trusted with responsibility from Day 1 and tasked with doing something that matters by making a positive impact on the world, P&G brands, and your career.  

With an opportunity to work on leading brands as part of a creative, dynamic and diverse community of world class leaders and talented individuals, you’ll also be in an environment where mentorship happens organically from the first day.

Listen to how others have made P&G their place to #DoSomethingThatMatters at P&G South Africa on YouTube or PGSouthAfrica on Facebook.

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