Highest Dropout Rates For South Africa In 20 Years

Learners enter the schooling system at age 7, with parents hopeful that their children will pull through until matric. Unfortunately, South Africa’s dropout rate is at its peak.


Currently, South Africa has hit its highest dropout rate in the last 20 years.

Spokesperson of the Zero Drop Out Campaign, Rahima Essop said 4 in 1 children dropped out of the schooling system before the pandemic.

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Senior lecturer in the Faculty of Psychology of Education at Unisa, Dr. Connie Haasbroek, said:

Schools were closed early for the winter holidays…the longer it takes to get our pupils back in class, the less likely they are to return.

Research has also shown how there’s no single factor that should be considered. However, majority of dropouts are a result of disengagement, as the process never happens overnight.

Essop further mentioned if the drivers of the dropout rate would be understood, then government would be able to roll out effective prevention methods.

The Zero Dropout Campaign aims to halve the rate of school dropouts by 2030.


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