Higher Education Institutions Are Taking Steps To Fight Covid-19

Many higher education institutions have stepped up to the challenge that is Covid-19 and contributed to helping fight the virus. University and college gates may be closed, but that is not stopping these institutions.

South Africa has united to fight the coronavirus. From professionals from all over to civilians staying in their homes, developments have been made in trying to contain this virus that has shut down the world.

Various higher education institutions have helped aid the virus and provided support and care to fighting the virus as well as those participating in treating it.

At Rhodes University, they are producing sanitisers in large numbers. A Professor from the Department of Physics and Electronics, Justin Jonas, along with professor Michael Rogan from the University’s Department of Economics have joined the national task teams in fighting Covid-19 as well.

Wits University has also contributed greatly. They are producing full cover face shields for health workers as well as having testing stations on site. They are also in the process of developing breathing devices that will help with the shortage of ventilators as well as medical masks with filters made out of vacuum cleaner bags.

Medical gloves has also been donated from Wits University to healthcare workers at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto. With the National Research Fund (NRF), Data Convergence and iThemba Labs, they have also created a tool that is able to monitor the coronavirus.

Tshwane University of Technology is producing and packaging thousands of sanitisers. Also, at the Central University of Technology, they are developing 3D print masks for Covid-19 patients and the have completed the development of oxygen connectors and splitters which would help patients with respiratory issues.

At Northlink College, they are producing masks to be used by medical practitioners. The University of Venda is producing hand sanitisers and surface disinfectant in order to help fight the virus. University of Johannesburg has also been involved in the production of face shields and masks.

Nelson Mandela University has been assisting with the producing sanitiser, 3D face shields, masks and protective clothing for healthcare workers. They have been conducting research on Covid-19. The more we know, the more we can do.

Students at Stellenbosch University have been providing medical assistance at Tygerberg Hospital. The University has also been dispensing sanitiser and assisted in doing contact tracing along with screenings. Students have also been providing assistance with the Covid-19 hotline.

A researcher at the University of the Western Cape has assisted in the genome sequencing of the first local sample of SARS-Cov-2. SARS-Cov-2 is what causes the coronavirus. This development would help with gaining knowledge on how to contain the virus and the development of a vaccine.

Vice Chancellors at many universities, such as Rhodes University and the University of Johannesburg, has pledged 33% of their salaries to the Covid-19 Relief Fund. 

These developments and aids mentioned are not all that higher education institutions have contributed to fighting the virus, the list goes on and for that we are all grateful and proud of. South Africa has been making many good decisions and taking even better actions to fight this virus.



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