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Health Minister is Latest To Test Postive


National Health Minister has announced that he has tested positive for Covid-19 - as has his wife.  Dr Zweli Mkhize will be somewhere around the '702 000-th' South African to test positive for this particular coronavirus since the outbreak started in March this year. The normal, standard Sunday evening update on the local Covid-19 figures was different tonight with a very personal message from Minister Mkhize.


The country has become used to daily updates from the national Minister of Health Dr Zweli Mkhize on the status of the Covid-19 outbreak in South Africa. Things took a twist on Sunday night when Dr Mkhize had to release a statement confirming that both he, and his wife Dr May Mkhize have now tested positive.

"We decided to go test yesterday when I started showing mild symptoms. I was feeling abnormally exhausted and as the day progressed, I started loosing appetite. My wife had a cough, was dizzy and extremely exhausted. Given her symptoms, the doctors advised that she must be admitted for observation and rehydration".

"Our close contacts in the past week have been a few of our family members and some of my Health Ministry team. We have informed them and advised them to immediately isolate in their homes and be tested".

The Minister and his wife are noe in quarantine at home and he says he is optimistic that he and his wife will make a full recovery.

Dr Mkhize has been at the forefront of the battle against Covid-19 in the country since the first case in March this year, and has steered the country into lockdown.  This was first the 'hard' lockdown of level 5 but has gradually been eased to the level 1 and relative freedom that exists today.

On the previous day the number of confirmed cases on the country, those who have been tested, rose to more than 702 000 and the death toll now stands at 18 404.  However South Africa has so far avoided the '2nd wave' which is plaguing many countries in Europe and North America. 






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