Have You Received Your Unisa Exam Results?

Unisa is in the process of delivering results to students but have not been as efficient as they would have hoped. The University has completed their online examination period and students now await their results as they see the start of their second semester. 

Unisa has missed their planned date for the release of students' exam results. It was said that all results were to be released on 27 July but they were not able to release some "due to unforeseen challenges". Results will therefore be released after they have been marked. 

Students have been complaining that they were not receiving their results or only got some modules results back and not others. This is not the first time Unisa has missed their deadline for the release of exam results. The online exam results for the first semester were originally supposed to be released on 20 May and was then moved to 27 July. 

Students not receiving results raised concerns about second semester registration. Unisa does however say that, "The university would like to assure students who receive their results later than expected that they will be accommodated with their second semester registration." 

Other side effects of this late release would be that students now have less time to study for final examinations and complete assignments for the second semester.\

Earlier delays from Unisa have previously lead to the University having to delay the first semester. This was seen at the end of 2019 where the first semester was pushed back three times.

As a University, they have said, "Unisa is committed to serving its students with excellence and appreciates the way students have walked with the university and tackled unchartered territories during the difficult Covid-19 pandemic."

Some exams were rescheduled for the period of 8 to 16 July. This postponement was due to technical difficulties Unisa experienced in administering online exams. This then affects the release of results to students as well as delays for exams written during the second half of the examination period, as previously stated. 

Unisa is currently undergoing an Independent Review into it's operations, as ordered by the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande. This review will look into the "mission drift" seen at Unisa. Unisa was originally meant to provide higher education to those working part-time but not has students who are not working and studying full-time from home. This then begs the question, should Unisa be for full-time or part-time students?

Read the full statement issued by Unisa here

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