Gugulethu SASSA Office Records Second Covid-19 Case

A second covid-19 case has been recorded at the SASSA office in Gugulethu. Many staff workers have now spoken out about the conditions at the office since it reopened. 

The office has now closed and is in the process of being sanitised after the second case of covid-19 was confirmed.

Staff workers are not pleased with the working conditions, and claim they have voiced this to office management who have done nothing about their complaints.

An employee spoke out about how the second case of covid-19 was no surprise to them because of the working conditions and lack of safety regulations. 

The employee spoke about how the building has visible electric cables that are a safety hazard. The workers work close to each other and there is no glass to separate workers from the clients. 

SASSA spokesperson, Shivani Wahab, commented on the situation that workers were complaining about.

"All Sassa staff were provided with PPE as per stipulated regulations. All Sassa offices were also sanitised in preparation for the resumption of duty. Sassa has an obligation to assist government in limiting the spread of Covid-19 by ensuring that our sites are safe for both clients and staff to access."



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