Govt Will Start From Scratch With R350 Grant Applications

If you’re interested in benefiting from SASSA’s Special Relief of Distress  grant and you want to know more about it being revived, keep reading. Minister Lindiwe Zulu has given some insight into how this round of grants will work.


Government will be starting from scratch with the new round of the Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, which is also known as the R350 grant. Keep reading to find out what this means.

Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, said:

We are very excited about the President making that announcement … we cannot afford, as a nation, to have people who are continuously hungry, the number of people in the movies, the number of people who are unemployed, who are in distress in general.

Applications are not yet open for the grant but when they are, they will then be open until March 2022.

As for how the reinstatement of the grant will work is that new applications as well as reapplications will be opened for those interested in the grant. This means that those who qualified before for the grant will have to apply again.

Previously, SASSA had to go in and check every month whether existing SRD grant beneficiaries still qualify for the grant. Now, as Zulu says, they’ll be starting from scratch and that they’ve got their systems in place.

SASSA wants to make sure that their systems are capable for applications to open smoothly and keep fraudsters out as Zulu says:

We want to make sure that we don’t find ourselves in the same situation as before and it is for that reason, that right not behind the scenes, we’re looking at how can we tighten the access.

“We need to be accountable. We need to be responsible for the monies that go out,” said the Minister.

Unemployed caregivers who currently receive the child support grant will also be able to apply for the grant this time around as Government realised that caregivers and mothers need the money more and rely on the child support grant. This means that the R350 will be added to their existing grant.

Research has shown that this R350 grant is a positive response to the needs of South African citizens, especially for those who are suffering due to the pandemic. 

Zulu says that her department wants more people to be self-sufficient and independent. 7 million people benefitted from the grant before it was previously terminated.

SASSA also has other social relief of distress measures in place such as the distribution of food vouchers for times of disasters and crises. This is separate from the R350 grant.

Basic Income Grant

Questions have also arisen about whether this grant extension will replace the basic income grant or whether the basic income grant will replace it. Zulu then explains it:

It is a stepping stone and you will recall that the President did mention it, the issue of the basic income grant and the fact that government is taking a serious look into it.

The Minister said that they brought discussions about implementing the grant to the table by asking what would happen after the R350 grant.


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